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Do you know when enough is enough?

Your husband surprises you with tickets to the symphony for tonight.  Your friend, Mary, asks you to go to the movies with them.  What’s your normal response to these types of surprises?   You’re too tired? You have too much to do?  If you’re saying “no” too often to these kids of request, you may be turning into a task oriented vs. people oriented person.  Just as Jack was a dull boy with all work, the same is true for Jill.  Take time to play!

How are you on the emotional scale?  Do little mishaps throw you into a tizzy?  Are you angry and don’t really know why?  Do tears come all too easily lately?  These expressions of being uptight may very well be coming from an over extended schedule.  To get back on track, try cutting back on work only activities, sleep a little more, and allow for more leisure in your life. 

What about physical symptoms?  Stress overload shows up in the form of headaches, skin rashes, twitching eyes, upset stomachs, irregularity or chronic fatigue.  If you stay on this fast track you may just derail ahead with bigger problems.  Get a physical, then slow down to remedy this dangerous scenario.

Are you missing the joy of giving?  Do you find yourself dreading meetings?  Is helping out a hassle?  Are you in a count-down ‘til it’s over?  Is your family frustrated that you’re never home?  Feel like you’re caught in a crossfire?

When involvements become a burden and you sense an imbalance, you need to reevaluate your commitments.  Enough may be more than enough!



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