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Keep Cards, Giftcards & Coupons handy & organized with the Card Cubby or the Coupon Cubby

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Organizing Plain and Simple by Donna Smallin
Almost everyone could use a little help at home.  Written by veteran organizer Donna Smallin, this 308-page softcover book deals with every organizing topic imaginable -- from alphabetizing CDs, to setting up a bill-paying system, to planning meals.
Use it as an "organizing encyclopedia" for quick reference when you are faced with a problem -- or read through from start to finish for a complete expert course in organization.  This guide combines a light tone, useful charts, simple step-by-step household projects, and inspirational sidebars.  And this manual is recommended by the National Associal of Professional Organizer (NAPO) as an exam study resource for NAPO's certification program.
Includes tips for:
   - Organizing every area of your home
   - Managing money and reducing your expenses
   - Balancing work and household responsibilities
   - Focusing your use of time and more effectively
   - Organizing kids, pets, and family members
   - Planning for travel, moves, and life transitions



Is There Life After Housework by Don Aslett
America's number one cleaning expert, Don Aslett, says there IS life after housework!
This 214-page softcover book will teach you to clean like the professionals -- with the right tools, solutions, and techniques.
You will learn how to remove carpet stains, create streak-free windows, and even clean your bathroom in 3.5 minutes.  And don't miss the section on "cleaning you can skip".
Every home should have this handy reference -- teaching you how to work smarter (and not harder) as you clean anything!
Includes suggestions for:
   - Selecting the right equipment and supplies
   - Cleaning each specific area of the house
   - Ways to cut down on the time spent cleaning
   - Preventive maintenance that keeps dirt at bay


Before The Other Shoe Drops
Every aspect of our lives is overrun with paper -- especially your financial and legal concerns.  Don't be caught unprepared!  This 12-page bright neon yellow booklet will help you deal with bank statements, investment reports, insurance papers, etc.
This is particularly useful if you have accepted legal responsibility for another person -- parent, sibling, spouse, or friend -- or are preparing to organize your own affairs.  Don't wait until an emergency strikes before getting your important documents in order.
   - How long you legally need to keep documents
   - The best place to store important paperwork
   - The importance of a "document" finder
   - How to manage incoming financial paperwork




Now you can switch from purse to purse, purse to gym bag or diaper bag, purse to whenever or just grab your Pouchee and run into the store for a quick trip in and out!  Choose a cotton or leatherette.  Avaliable in a variety of colors. (colors available according to current to receive photo before purchasing.)


Cotton colors


Card Cubby
Today’s New “Wallet”!
Card Cubby® is a stylish, alphabetized mini-card file that fits right into your purse, briefcase, baby bag or car console!
The Card Cubby® measures 5" wide by 3" high and 2" deep!
NEW- Card Cubby now has an inside zipper for money and change!
Use your Cubby to Alphabetically File:
    Gift Cards / Coupons (Fold & File)
    Frequent Buyer Cards / Discount Cards / Business Cards
    Player Cards / Important Contact Info / Insurance Cards
    And on and on...
Room for most cell phones, iPods and small cameras!  Put your Drivers License in the clear pocket, some cash and credit cards inside and use as a wallet!

Card Colors

**************************************************************************************Coupon Cubby

The Coupon Cubby is a stylish, organizing purse with a removable/adjustable strap and 30 dividers with labels.
The pre printed Labels have A-Z as well as specifics like Dairy, Frozen, etc. There are blank labels for your own customization.
The Coupon Cubby has an inside zipper for money and room for cell phones and keys.
For the ultimate in Stylish Coupon Organization grab the Coupon Cubby and Save!
Measurements: 7 1/2" across x 4" High x 2" Deep

Coupon Colors



How often do you wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts running through your head, and you just can't seem to quiet down the chaos?  Stop losing sleep!  This kit includes everything you need to clear the clutter out of your head and get back to a good night's rest.
The kit contains:  50-page pad and light up pen.  Now you can stay there in your warm cozy bed, jot down those ideas, to-do's, shoulda, woulda, coulda's ... and go back to sleep....ahhhh.  The kit comes in an attractive 'see through white, gold, royal blue, lavender, or black organza bag w/tie...or order a variety!  Makes a great gift to yourself or anyone else you know who can't sleep because of all those thoughts floating around in their head.

Colors of Organza Bags


Computer Password Book - Alphabetized!
We're told not to use the same password in our computers but trying to remember them all is a losing battle!  Here's a little book to write them down in so when you can't recall the password, grab the little book, look it up alphabetically, and you're on your way into the website.



Computer Password Book
We're told not to use the same password in our computers but trying to remember them all is a losing battle!  Here's a little book to write them down in so when you can't recall the password, grab the little book, look it up, and you're on your way into the website.


Adrenalin and Stress by Dr. Archibald Hart
In this fast-paced society, many of us exhibit Type-A personality traits. We are addicted to the adrenaline "rush" we get in intense situations -- hurrying to the next activity, high-pressure meetings, and pressing deadlines.
However, prolonged adrenaline arousal will lead to serious stress-related health problems. Written by clinical psychologist Archibald Hart, this 225-page softcover book will show you how to change stressful behaviors without changing your basic personality.
Stress Dot cards (see above product) are discussed in this book.  Order one to go along with your copy!
Learn to:
  - Monitor your own adrenaline arousal
   - Relax your mind and body to calm the rush
   - Provide your body with more -- and better -- sleep
   - Enhance creativity and tap into your "right-brain

Book only or with Stress Dots

Refining Your Future...Imagine It Organized! 

Need to tackle the stuff in your life? Ready for ideas on how to gain order in your home or office? You'll enjoy this engaging and interactive presentation recorded during a "live" event as lead by The Organizing Specialists, Judy Warmington and Treva Berends.  Note:  If you would like Judy and Treva to present this to your group please send us an email to inquire about details.



Debt Free Living by Larry Burkett
It took you a while to get into debt, and you won't get out overnight -- but it can be done! All it takes is an understanding of your beliefs and behaviors surrounding money -- and a plan for replacing destructive tendencies with healthier ones.
Written from a Christian perspective using biblical principles by renowned financial expert Larry Burkett, this 232-page softcover book provides insightful stories of individuals who have tamed their debt, found financial balance, and avoided future spending entanglements. Understand how you got into the financial mess you're in and discover how to end the "debt cycle" for good. You'll learn:
   - If it is better to own or rent a home
   - How to create a realistic budget and stick to it   - When bankruptcy is a good idea and when it isn't
   - What types of credit you should avoid


Debt Free Book or 2 Book Package


The Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples by Larry Burkett
This book is for anyone under retirement age!
Written by financial expert Larry Burkett -- and tackling difficult financial issues from a Christian perspective using biblical principles -- this 224-page softcover book will teach you the basics about managing your money today to make it last far into the future.
Discover how to avoid serious economic pitfalls early in your relationship -- through a mixture of practical advice, real-life scenarios, and helpful worksheets.
   - How to reconcile your different financial "styles"
   - How to create a budget and long-range goals
   - All about insurance, inheritances, and retirement
   - To teach your children financial responsibility
   - Ten keys to successful investing
   - How to create a diversified 5-tier investment plan


One Book or 2 Book Package


Organize Your Garage...In No Time by

 No one wants to spend a hard-earned weekend cleaning out a garage -- especially one that is piled to the rafters with clutter. Written by veteran organizer Barry Izsak, this 270-page softcover book will help you organize your garage quickly and easily, guiding you toward organizing systems that fit your lifestyle, space needs, and budget. 

 With to-do lists and step-by-step instructions, even the most time-crunched individuals and families will be able to transform their garage into a functional work and storage space. And whether you are storing gardening supplies, tool, sports equipment, or seasonal decorations -- you will discover practical tips and tricks of the trade for creating order. 

Learn to:

  • develop a personalized garage plan
  • choose the right garage storage system
  • build a workbench for your hobbies
  • decide if you need off-site storage or a shed
  • store everything so there is room for your car
  • protect your family from toxic materials


Organize Your Work Day...In No Time by

With growing pressure to accomplish more tasks in the same amount of time -- plus the added weight of an overflowing email inbox, endless meetings, and family obligations after work -- average employees feel like they are losing control of their work schedules and ever-growing to-do lists. 

Written by office efficiency expert K.J. McCorry, this 227-page softcover book is filled with practical advice and tools that make time management easier than ever. This book will help you simplify your work life -- from your daily schedule to your paper piles to your long term goals.

And this manual is recommended by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) as an exam study resource for NAPO's certification program.

You will discover how to:

  • organize according to your personality
  • get the most out of your technology tools
  • create a perfect easy-to-maintain filing system
  • manage your work schedule with any planner
  • manage the daily deluge of information
  • stay organized when on business trips

One Book or 2 Book Package


Start Your Own Home Business...In No Time by

Are you ready to find a better way of living and working? Millions have found the career satisfaction they have always craved through starting their own home business, whether as a full-time job or as a second income. Written by business expert Carol Anne Carroll, this 219-page softcover book is filled with practical advice and planning tools that will put you on the road to small business ownership.

You will go through the entire process of starting a home-based business -- evaluating your readiness to launch, finding financing, setting up your office, getting legal issues and records in order, and more. And you will learn about the decisions and dilemmas home business owners face every day, as five entrepreneurs share their experiences getting started. Discover how to:

  • develop a workable business plan and budget
  • craft a sound marketing plan
  • locate free startup resources
  • avoid expensive and painful mistakes
  • manage your time, schedule, and workload


Write a Business Plan...In No Time by

Planning for success in today's world of business takes a lot of preparation, research, and dedication. Whether you are a seasoned professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or an employee pitching a new idea for your company's investment -- a business plan is a vital roadmap to success.

Written by business expert Frank Fiore, this 254-page softcover book is filled with practical advice, to-do lists, and the step-by-step planning tools you need to craft a business plan without the guesswork. Discover the building blocks of any successful business plan, what elements to include, and where to start your research -- from identifying your goals and describing your market strategy to creating an implementation plan and writing a pitch for investors -- and much more! Learn how to:

  • craft an Executive Summary and presentation
  • identify potential funding sources and alliances
  • develop a competitive analysis and client profile
  • create marketing and PR plans
  • create personnel and channel distribution plans
  • create 3-5 year financial projections


Repair Your Home...In No Time by

So your are not a handy Jane or Joe around the house?

If you struggle to plan and complete projects around your house or apartment, we can help.

Written by handyman Brooke Stoddard, this 221-page softcover book is perfect for even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer. 

This book covers 70+ of the most popular home improvement and repair projects -- offering step-by-step directions and illustrations. Each project includes a shopping list and recommended tools, making your trip to the home improvement store go faster.

And the project to-do list will help you estimate time and costs, then complete the steps the right way the first time. Discover practical and easy solutions for maintaining the value and efficiency of your home -- without hassle.

Learn to:

  • create a regular home maintenance plan
  • repair walls, floors, doors, and windows
  • fix plumbing and electrical problems
  • beautify the outside of your home yourself
  • know when to call a projessional to do the job


Plan A Fabulous Party...In No Time by

Want to throw a party, but you're dreading all the hard work? By the time the invitations, shopping, cooking, and decorations are complete -- you are usually too exhausted to enjoy yourself. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Written by food editor Tamar Love, this 213-page softcover book offers valuable timesaving advice and planning tools for throwing an incredible party. Filled with recipes, menus, shopping and to-do lists, and step-by-step instructions -- your next event is sure to be a huge success. Whether you are entertaining 5 or 50 guests, this book provides everything you need to know -- from creative invitation and decoration ideas to party etiquette and dealing with difficult situations. Discover how to:

  • make the most of your personal party style
  • customize one of 40+ party themes
  • plan an event that matches your budget
  • determine how much food and drink you need
  • pick the right entertainment for the occasion


How To Really Love Your Child by Dr. Ross Campbell

Parents would be dismayed to discover that most kids doubt that they are genuinely and unconditionally loved.

There is more to it than taking children to soccer and buying them the things they want -- but even good parents have little room in their busy schedules for real quality time with their kids. And this is crucial -- especially once they become teens and it seems that you can't relate to your own children anymore.

Written by renowned psychiatrist D. Ross Campbell M.D.,
this 142-page softcover book will teach you how to create a solid, balanced approach to raising your child. It offers non-judgmental advice about being a parent in a different and more constructive fashion -- helping your kids grow into confident and happy adults.

Learn to:

  • really communicate with your child
  • defuse a child's anger
  • discipline moreeffectively



The Complete Idiot's Guide to Project Management

by G. Michael Campbell PMP and Sunny Baker Ph.D.

This guide covers the tools and processes of project management, complying with the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and The Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). Packed with examples, case studies, and expert opinions, this book includes essential information on implementation strategies, setting up schedules, troubleshooting, and more.
--Perfect for the new project manager—or the re-learner
--Information on software, PMBOK facts, the PMP exam, and integration management

* Required reading for NAPO Certification to become a Certified Professional Organizer



Cooking Among Friends® is a meal planning and preparation technique that really works! Gather a group of friends, collaborate, plan a menu of entrées, invidually prepare a large quantity of a single entrée (or two), freeze it in meal-sized portions and then swap! Continue with a food quantity and exchange frequency that is ideal for the group. Cooking Among Friends® shows you how!


Written by veteran household management experts, this 184-page softcover cookbook is designed to help busy people save time in the kitchen. Many of the ingredients in these 230+ recipes are instant and delcious!


42 $mart Choices Women can make in Financial and Estate planning. This book is about real women who faced various circumstances in their lives, divorce, death of a spouse and chose to make a $mart choice. This is an educational primer describing the lives of these women and a description of the investments, vehicles and estate plans they chose. A glossary is included and a short description of how to organize your own life in one notebook is included.