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Thank you for your inquiry!   This training is for those who are new in the field of organizing or want to consider entering this field. Our training is for those who are naturally organized or have learned how to be organized, and have expressed an interest in becoming a Professional Organizer in order to help people in their homes and/or businesses.

We have the following purposes in mind as we conduct this instruction/mentor program:

  • To train others to become independent contractors in order to meet the increasing demand for organizing services,
  • to maintain a high level of professionalism amongst organizers,
  • to continue to mentor/coach those who have trained with us,

Our training is designed to answer your questions and give you all the information you need to help you get started in this exciting and rapidly growing profession. Together we have 54+ combined years of organizing experience and have trained over 400 people in our network, representing 31 states.

P.O. FAST TRACK TRAINING (Phone Conferencing + Self Study + Coaching)

Plus, FREE on-going mentoring from  2 veteran organizers = you're not alone!

(No minimum to hold this training.)

This Professional Organizer Training is an accelerated version that has resulted in new organizers who have established successful & thriving business ventures.

Who:  This is for the person who is ready to launch their organizing business, has already launched, or wants take a look at what is involved before launching.

What:  A self-study of the manual with 3-1 to 1.75 hour phone training/coaching sessions.

Note:  the phone conferencing site we use allows for more time, thus we may flex 15-30 min.

When:  Register/pay a deposit or balance in full, the manual will be mailed, and we’ll coordinate phone coaching dates/'times to accommodate everyone's schedule.

Where:  From the comfort of your home!

Why:  We want to help you enter the field of Professional Organizing and link you into our unique referral network.

*Email/contact us for all the details & to register.


  • P.O. Fast Track:  $375 per person (FREE Telebridge Conferencing)  
  • May pay $187.50 deposit /balance due one week before 1st Training


P.O.Fast Track includes: 150+ page Training Manual and free on going mentoring for as long as you need/want following your training classes and membership in The Organizing Specialists Referral Network with the potential of receiving /giving client referrals.


Cancellation policy: Total cancellations made within 4 days or less of training will receive a refund of eighty percent of amount paid.

Requirements to participate:  Fees listed above, completed  Registration forms, Training Details form, and Letter of Agreement for Referral Network  (signed during class after answering all questions and mailed to us.)  


EMAIL REQUESTING ATTACHMENTS OF REGISTRATION FORMS, PRE/POST-TRAINING EXERCISES (exercises are for the benefit of the participant but are not required to be finished before/after the training), LETTER OF AGREEMENT FOR REFERRAL NETWORK (sample - original to be signed in class), and payment, via check in the mail or online at our website.

Class Topics/Content:

NAPO information
Network information
Sign Letter of Agreement of Referral Network /  Explain Benefits of Participation  
Code of Ethics
Organizing the Organizer (includes organizing tips & techniques)

Organizing the Client  (includes a wide variety of client scenarios)

Business Basics  (legalities of setting up your business) 

Tax Information  (What to expect and how to organize it.)   

How to serve Clients/Client relationships  ( includes role play scenarios) 

Personality Styles in clients  (includes the psychology of working w/clients) 

Working with A.D.D./A.D.H.D. clients

Pricing information  (setting and getting your fees) 

Client forms  (so you don't have to reinvent the wheel) 

Brochures/business cards/invoices  (samples given and shown) 

Recommended books, magazines, catalogs, etc.

Pre/Post Training Exercises (book reports, research/reports, etc.)

Marketing (i.e. use of media, resources,  samples shown, etc.)

Resource information to use with clients  (what to do with their dejunked  items and more...) 

150+ page three-ring-binder manual full of information and it includes ready to use forms to use with clients and for record keeping of your clients.   

Products and books available at training for purchase at our website.

Certificate of Completion  (verifies your hours of professional development)  ... and lots more!


Will this class teach me to be organized?  

We will cover some organizing tips and techniques, although this is not the focus of this training.  It is presumed that you are a naturally organized person or you have learned organizing skills and have a strong desire to learn all you need to know from our years of experience in the field so that you can help others achieve more order in their homes and/or businesses.  

Do I need to be prepared to do all kinds of organizing?  

No, in the training we will explain the various specialty areas of organizing as designated by the National Association of Professional Organizers.  Once you know your niche, you can refer any client out of your area of expertise to the network.  You will receive a % of any and all work done by clients you refer (this will be fully explained in the training).  

How does your class compare to other training options? 

 Going to the national conventions and/or the state chapter meetings may be beneficial for some things but these activities are not structured to teach you all you need to know to begin your business like our class does.  We offer "free" on-going mentoring/coaching for as long as you need/want it following the training so you will not feel alone in your new business.   You will be immediately connected into our referral network  (you may choose  to give/receive referrals)  We occasionally offer "free" teleconference in-service learning/networking opportunities.  You will receive Marketing Memo’s and any other pertinent information via email.

Will I be your employee? 

No, you will be prepared to be an Independent Contractor. You may receive client referrals from us but you are expected to find clients to build your own business using techniques of your choice.

 Will I be certified by taking this training?

Once you take our training you may claim and advertise that you have been trained by and are a part of The Organizing Specialists Network.  We are setting up our own accreditation program for our network organizers and will let you know when it is available to consider.

We will also explain in the training how the time spent in one of our sessions will count toward becoming a CPO (certified professional organizer) via the National Association of Professional Organizers.  Their certification program is the only “official” certification program available to organizers at this time and we will explain what must be done to obtain this in our training.

Am I guaranteed to receive referral clients from you?

No, we reserve the right to refer clients or not to refer clients to organizers who have completed our program. We base our referrals on a  variety of factors like location of the client to the organizer, specific areas of expertise of the organizers, time availability of the organizer in relation to the client, reliability and professionalism of the organizer based on our contact and evaluation of each organizer, and so on.

I've noticed there are other organizers in my area, could it be saturated already?

 No! There are so many people out there who need our services that one or several organizers couldn't possibly handle all the potential clients even if they could contact them all. Organizers work at different levels of activity therefore some are part-time and others are full time. If you work diligently at getting your name out there in your area you will fill your schedule in a relatively short time and our training/mentoring will help guide you in marketing efforts to do just that.

After the class is over will I be able to address questions and concerns to you at any time?

Yes, once you have taken our training you are considered a part of our network and may contact us any time to receive on-going coaching at no further cost to you.

What further contact will I have with The Organizing Specialists after the training is completed? 
We will stay in contact with you via occasional Memo’s to the Network and/or mailings and emailing.  When we hear of teleclasses to further your education in the field we will alert you of them.  Those who live in Michigan may see us at the monthly NAPO Michigan Chapter meetings.    

  Note: Feel free to bring any other questions you may have to the training session. 

  What participants are saying about our training:

P.O. Fast Track Training:
"I really enjoyed the organizing training! It was very flexible for my busy schedule as a mom and I enjoyed being able to ask questions from two great ladies who have been in the business for a long time. Judy and Treva were very helpful on the conference calls, in the training material provided and via email. I'm also excited to start receiving leads to get my business rolling. I'm very thankful to have experienced organizers helping me in this new adventure in my life and am excited to see my business grow!"  ~ Emily

It was a pleasure to meet and train with Treva and Judy!  They are both professional, but also very down to earth with their style and delivery of training. I truly appreciate their depth of knowledge and experience in this industry and the willingness to share. I walked away feeling that my burning questions had been answered, better prepared for my new clients and with a solid feeling of being connected to a network of "like minded" professionals. Thank you!  Linda F.

"I was thrilled at your presentation. I had purchased 2 other books on beginning an organizing business & felt empty after reading them. I didn't feel I had learned anything. I feel I learned exactly what I needed from your class. Thank you!"

"You covered everything & more - thank you so much!"

"Lots of information to process, but I loved it!"

"I appreciate being trained by both of you. Thank you for your commitment to being professionals."

"I had so much fun I don't even know where hours flew." "Wonderful and honest answers for everything." "Everything was excellent!"

"This is exactly what I needed to understand about what's involved in 'doing' this business." "I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone interested in becoming a Professional Organizer."

  "Thank you again for the fabulous training! I do feel prepared, motivated and excited to move forward as a Professional Organizer. If I didn't have this information and your guidance and mentoring I think that I would become discouraged when challenges arise. Many blessing to you, your business and your families."

  "I feel like I now have a real life set of expectations about my business. I also feel like I have a roadmap for building business and clientele. I'm very excited to get going."

  "I  feel that having you two to contact with questions is very comforting."

"I appreciated the amount of info you gave and didn't waste time. I appreciated the time spent answering questions."